Tabas Travelogue, Part 2

  • 2018/13/13
  • نوشته توسط Amir Zavare

Tabas Travelogue, Part 2

Because we had a heavy schedule on Thursday, we woke up at 6 o’clock and we went out of the house after breakfast.
This time, the landlord was a wonderful village Ezmighan and Cal Jenny. We left the city northwest, from and we traveled about 30 km in Boshroye Road till reach to Tabas slaughterhouse (two km out of Ezmighan), which was on the left side of the road. Because we were going to swim and we had a large crowd on the front day, we decided to act against the program and we first went to Cal Jenny. In front of the slaughterhouse, there is a dusty road, which takes about 2 km to the beginning of Cal. It was around 9 o’clock we drove out of the van. There was a strange sense in the driver’s eye, which say; I don’t come. He wanted to accompany us, but his legs did not go away. With each step, he doubted that would continue or go back? At last, he came.
To navigate Cal, either enter from the beginning of Cal and from the inside. We decided to enter from the beginning. We followed the pathway and after about 15 minutes we arrived at the fork. We followed the right path, which was the continuation of Cal, and from there we had to go to the water. Cold water, which is sometimes reach up to the knee. The wall texture was much more beautiful than Cal Waller and, of course, more scary. Every step was spectacular and amazing. It was a complete geological workshop.
We crossed the ponds and looked at the walls until we reached a deep and deep pond. How hard we tried to go from the walls to the end of the stone, we could not reach it, and finally we went to the cold water the last 10 meters and we wet and numb up to waist. It was the last pond and after that the water entered the subterranean canal. A little later, when we arrive at the middle of Cal, just as we arrive at the second entrance, because of the lowering of the valley floor, the subterranean canal continues its way to the right wall and becomes the only wall subterranean canal of the world!
We traveled about a 100 meters from the beautiful stream of flood, until we reached the river bed that was no longer the same, and the wall texture was like a Cal Waller. As we were moving around We talked to friends, that how Cal Jenny’s night scroll could be exciting, which came to the house of the Gabrs. Some friends decided to pick up from a well in one of the houses and go to the house and did it. To take it, I had the opportunity to go to one of two Cal substitutes. It’s really beautiful, especially near the home of the Gabrs. More than ten hoods are arranged together in a crossover with a special arrangement on either side of the strait, with an elevation of more than 15 meters. Some parts so close that the sky was unclear.
I was experiencing a strange silence and tranquility, and I wanted to keep going; but I had to go. When I reached the friends, their work was finished and we left off and walked about three kilometers to reach the van. Buses were getting scarce as we were moving and we traveled about 15 km away with a laugh until we arrived to Ezmighan.
At first, rice farms beside palm trees were attracted our attention. In imamzade’s two ways, we went to the right that we could see inside the village. A steppe village with orange, grapes, apricots, apples, plums, figs and pomegranates gardens. We continued along the river creek to get to a waterfall! The creek route was designed so that water was poured into a natural pond from a height of about 10 meters and then continued. After passing through the village’s bottom, it eventually entered Cal Jenny.
Beside the gardens of the village, we would cross the trees with regret until we reach the fields of the village, and from the side of them we entered the doors leading to the Takhte Aross (bridal bed). At the beginning of the valley there was large pond which has 6 to 5 m depth. From the side of the stream, we roamed the rock and, sometimes, stepped into the mud from the side of the forearms, to the Takhte Aross (bridal bed) pond, where cannot walk along the path. We changed the clothes and we jumped in the water one by one. After our body adapted to the cold water, we started trying to climb the Takhte Aross (bridal bed). The floor of the pond was very slippery, and because of the steep slope it was impossible to stand at all. On the other hand, the Takhte Aross (bride’s bed) was about a meter and a half above the water level and did not have a handle. The climb was a big mission.
When I came down from the Takht (bed), I saw friends Pull the pants up and stepping in the pond of water and fish (which the local people call them “dog fish”) massage and peel off them. We experienced Dr. Fish in the middle of the desert and set off towards the valley. When we arrived at the beginning of the valley, the pond which, due to its depth and magnitude, called the “Chartaghi Sea”, clothe almost dried, but I could not dive inside it. It has a lot of pleasure, but cold water tired us and our energy was falling. So we came out of the water early and, after changing clothes, we went to the van.
We left the Ezmighan with all her beauty towards Tabas and at 4:30 pm we reached to Golshan Garden. Friends going inside the garden and I went to took some food. Because all the restaurants in Tabas were closed until 19:30, I had to take a sandwich from the supermarket next to the Pelikan Square, which has many goods, and I ordered Kentucky (grilled) chicken from restaurant near Golshan Garden for dinner.
One of interesting points and good results from Tabas was, the low demand for Kentucky (grilled) chicken and number of restaurants that have chicken meat are low. So at first take order and then Kentucky (grilled) chicken in the oven! In short, it was 8 pm, when we reach home tired and exhausted, but we went to the house with warm dinner and we laughed like night before till midnight.

Author and Photographer: Amir Zavare

Translator: Sara Jafary

Tabas Travelogue, Part 1


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