Farakhin Lake

  • 2018/1/01
  • نوشته توسط Nima Moslemzadeh
Farakhin Lake

Farakhin Lake

Everything began with an overseas and memorable trip that I met pleasant & lovely guy. That trip becomes best trip of my life which brings smile & delight by looking at those pure moments. My friend lives in Tehran and travels a lot. After that trip, we didn’t get the chance to travel together till he told me about the plan and said pack your stuffs we are going. At 2 in the morning I got a bus and I went to Tehran. At 7:30 AM, I arrived at Argentine Terminal, my friend came after me, and we all got together and hit the road. We were lucky didn’t get stuck in holidays road traffic. In the afternoon we got to Asara (about 40 km of Chalous Road). We went to Chehelsotoon restaurant that guys already knew with delicious local food. It took 3 hours to Marzanabad , we turn to Kajoor exit 2Km from there towards Chalous, on the old road and left the main way, and 14 km from there to Wissar & Delsam exit. 30 minutes on a spiral road, we moved in the dark and slopes till we get to wissar & uncle abbas home. Uncle Abbas and his family were kind locals who welcomed us warmly. Fireplace, local bread, his wife’s handmade Mirzaghasemi, and grate times. Early in the morning, we had eaten breakfast, took our stuff, sat in the truck and went to woods, the children were riding bike and following us in the rain.
It took about an hour in middle of nature to get to Farakhin Lake, it was my first experience of this kind of adventuring and the view … was impressive & absorbent. Fog, rain, bird’s sounds, smell of wood, and so many excitements. We started collecting fire woods for few days in the middle of the way, Finally we got to the Farakhin Lake. It was a heaven in the heart of forest, spectacular view. We camped, sat a fire, and stayed awake late in the rain. In the morning, the best part of the journey began. Boating in the lake in the middle of the forest that everywhere you could saw trees, mountain, blue sky, the shining sun that linked the land and water. and the voice of nature that asked me why I came there so late. Swimming in the freezing water of the lake was such a great experience that ends with fever when I came back o Isfahan. I felt that I was the only one in the whole world when I was walking in that pure nature. It was quite undiscovered. It was an amazing trip for me and I learned a lot of new things. It motivates me to discover more fantastic places in my motherland.
Two days later after the trip got over we returned the same path.
I strongly recommend seeing this fabulous place. All you need is just a tent, raincoat, warm cloths, headlight and a nice group.

Indite& photo by: Maryam MahinParvar

Translator: Gelareh Gozati

Location:  https://goo.gl/WR9AeS


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