Maranjab Desert

Always the desert has specific enthusiasm with lots of attraction , that’s an absorbing for many people . due to result , the second half of the year is desirable for climbing and trek the desert , that cause of the Orangerhino for introduce a popular and impressive desert of Iran.

Maranjab Desert;
Maranjab Desert located on the Isfahan province ,on the north of Aran va Bidgol county.

The desert from the vest is neighbor to the Masile desert , Namak hoz soltan and Hoz Mare lake ,
from the east neighbor to the Bandrig desert and national park kavir ,
from the north neighbor to the Namak Aran and Bidgol lake and from the south has 60km distance from the Kashan.

How ever the desert has vegetative wealthy propagation , like tamarisk ، taq and qich. with many animal like wolf , jackal , hyena , fox , lizard species ،scorpion , snake , falcon and eagle .
As comparing sightseer the desert with another place, the calm brilliant sky with full of stars is mentionable. Additionaly the desert has another sights it’s became more impressive and popular , like the sand hill , pebble and thick forest , lake salt (the north neighbor’s) , Sargardan island , Maranjab carvanserai and its near subterranean water.

As demonstrating for bring your attention , if you roam in Maranjab , you will leave the time with calmness and gracefulness.
But beside of beautifulness trekking the desert is pretty danger , if you are not familiar with desert , keep away from travelling alone or with a few numbers of group. Definitely move with a leadership and knowlagable group to be comfort.

We have several way to travel , but the main rout is start from Aran and Bidgol county , after pass over 5kilometer in a highway you arrive in Folad Kavir factory ,and you attain Maranjab after continue the road in the northeast and for using another byroad, should use an off road vehicle.

In case for traveling to desert areas, always go with a few cars to repair the malfunction problem . Also have more water and more food than you need to worry out about something goes wrong.

Good luck with a wish

Author: Sepideh Qolipour

photographer: Reyhane zare , Ali khanbabaei , Ali ahmadian

Trnslator: Abolfazl Sabouri