The Golestan Forests

The Golestan forests are the oldest national park registered at Iran plateau.
The Golestan forests has the worldwide reputations, Located at three province of Iran
named Golstan, Semnan and Khorasan, Also 55Km far East of Gonbad Kavoos and 85Km
far West of Bojnourd Cities.
Golstan national park area is about 92K Hectare wide and because of great water
resources, vegetation its became an original habitat for many kind of the wild animals
like Leopard, Brown Bear, Marten, Chamois, Boar, Maral, Wolf, Fox, Antelope are the
most famous of animals species.
Furthermore, the Golstan national park is very potential area for the magnificent
sightseen of the natural like the rivers, waterfalls (specially Oucher waterfall with 110 m
height) Aqsou, Soltan Habi, ghez Qale, Asou Bagh, Billi Kooh peak and also some
beautiful Valleys ; Allmeh, Savar Baghi, Ally Dally also the biggest natural wetland
located at 1358 meter altitude from sea level named Selokeli that made this area one of
the greatest and lovely places for the tourism and wild natural lovers.
Because of the Golestan national park located in three province, It has very different
climate as follow:
In west part the weather is wet and moderat.
in south part the weather is cold and dry.
In east part the weather is cold and semidry.
If you ever do not go to this beautiful national park yet, The Orange Rhino strongly
recommends you put it at your naturalization plan and enjoy it.
The Golestan forests has enough welfare facilities, restores, W.C …
There are also environmentalists in the park to guide tourists.

Author: Sepideh Gholipour

Photographer: Reyhaneh Zare

Translator: Omid Tayarani