Darreh Shahr

Darreh Shahr is one of the county of Ilam province , with high valuable geological and historical ancient region , also one of the most important geo park in Iran.
As an spectacular scenery can mention ; Tange raziane , historic town Madecto(seymarah) , Tange Bahram Chubin and Gavmishan Bridge.

The ancient has more than 1200 years date and located on west and south west of Darreh Shahr between Malle Ofto (Gardan Aftab) and Kabir Kouh mountains , with a huge plain.
According to different perspective, the architect of place related to Sassanid period and date of ancient back to the late Sassanid and early Islamic.
The climate and also Zakros nature in this area is so lush and tepmperate in spring , with about 200 hecture width, but unfortunately some building have been build on the old earth texture, in addition wethering , seasonal flood , agriculture , unprincipled animal husbandry and a unauthorized excavation it’s caused a lot of damage in this ancient.

Tange Bahram Chubin
Tange Bahram chubin located on submontance Kabirkouh with 12 kilometers distance from Darreh shahr. This valley it’s popular to hideout and hunting ground of Bahram Chubin and the debris of fortress , residential cistern is dimonsretor of claim, how ever for the hunting ground doesn’t have definitive opinion, as well as it’s might a similar name make up it this thinking between Bahram Gur and Bahram Chubin.
Bahram Mehran his famous to Bahram Chubin, warlord of Sassanid government , he was adverse of Khosro Parviz and due to his highgrown , face , and his shape was famous Bahram Chubin(Bahram of wooden).
Also he was the first one, who used fire weapens , in this weapens the bullet impregnated to ablaze petroleum and its shot it with arrow.

Gavmishan Bridge

This bridge it’s one of the historical bridge on the west country(Iran), belonging to Sassanid period, is located on the Seymarah river in Ilam and Lorestan region border, after Talaqi and Kashkan river.
As big part of the bridge is established in Lorestan province, but it has been registered as the historical monument of Ilam province.
In the body of bridge , has restoration sign related to the Safavi and Qajar period.
The prominent feature and mentionable of this bridge it’s wide mouth and one of the vault its 50meter also it’s the biggest bridge in Iran, used materials to build the bridge are Stone , mortars , plaster and bricks. among the corridors of the middle pillar, there are stairs that used as shelter and stayed place for caravans.
the name of the bridge is taken from the word Buffalo ( cattle breeding).
and some historians also know that the bridge is called Gamas(cattle and fish).
a british orientalist visited Loreatan in 1936 and Sir Henry Rawlinson writes in his travel log that this bridge is one of the best one in iran, that build in 1008 AH by Hussein khan, The Great Governer of Ilam and Lorestan.


Author and Photographer: Mansoureh Emadi

Translator: Abolfazl Sabouri