Buzhan, the touristic countryside of Neyshabur …

Even if you have traveled to Buzhan for a hundred times, you will still be tempted with the first offer and may pack your travel baggage again. Of course a mountainous area with beautiful waterfalls, permanent rivers and flourishing nature would be attractive and spectacular for any travel enthusiast.
Buzhan is a village located 13kms north-east of Neyshabur and in south part of Binaloud mountains hillside, in Khorasan-Razavi county. There are three stories about the name of the village: 1. Buzhan means grown. 2. It’s the name of a plant which has small leaves and long body. 3. It has been used for location suffix.
The architecture of this village houses is in shape of stairs, and high altitudes which are appropriate for mountaineering, flourishing gardens and beautiful waterfalls have made this place one of the tourist attractions of Neyshabur.
Finding the path to the village by guidance boards in the city is not hard. The high amount of restaurants in the way shows that there are lots of tourists and people traveling to this village every day. Many of the travelers are beginners, some of them travel with their families, and the others are sport groups which come to the village for mountaineering, climbing valleys, visiting the waterfall or getting to the peak of mount “Shirbaad” –Khorasan’s highest mountain-. Sometimes you can even see cyclists going towards the village.
In about 20 minutes of driving, you will reach a sideway entry. For travelers convenience some parking spaces are built in this area which you can park in, and leave with no worries. Now you have to climb up the riverside towards the waterfall. The altitude of village is 1600 meters, and if you have physical readiness and a good pair of shoes, with a medium pace, you will get to the waterfall in 3 hours.
There are two ways to get to the waterfall: you can choose a longer mountain climbing or a harder path with some rock climbing in riverside which is a more challenging way. In the way you will see some fountains, and valleys on both sides of the river, each has a separate way.
At the end of the valley, after a number of waterfalls, you will enter a stone passage with very tall walls, and over some steps you will get to the main waterfall. If you go to the top of it, you will be entering Buzhan’s waterfalls complex. In summer, valley climbing is common in the complex. Many groups from other cities spend the night in the place and the next day they come down the waterfall. Remember that you should go on this path with an experience guide and great precision.
If you wanted to spend more than one day in the area, you can rent a place. Villagers made it possible by rebuilding their houses and building new villas in the area. By renting these houses you can also help their economy. Because of the climate, this village is the host to Neyshaburians in the hot summer nights.
If you dedicate more time to your visit, after visiting Buzhan waterfalls you can revisit Neyshabur and visit Khayyam, Attar and Kamal-ol-Molk tombs there. By doing this, your nature tour will end with an ancient historical tour as well. And it would be more lovely and memorable.

Author: Mahdieh Yazdian

Photographer: Mehdi Legzian

Translator: sepehr shamsaei