Arvah lake

The virgin and freaky nature of Mazandaran
The first thing that attracts everyone in relation to this area is the mysterious and dangled name of this beautiful lake. The reason for naming this lake, the Arvah Lake, may be the question of falsity in the mind of the reader or the listener. Come with the orange rhino to give you more details of the Arvah lake.

This beautiful lake is located in the west of Mazandaran province, 5 km from the village of Chelndar, in the district of Melikola, in the city of Nowshahr. Among the massive forests, the lake is 700 meters long and 300 meters wide, with its main name Hornbeam. But because of its special nature, it’s known as ghosts.

The path to the Arvah lake is as follows: 12 km from the Noor road to Noshahr, enter the subway that reaches the villages of Chelndar and Salah al-Din. Then you get to the environment where you should take the necessary steps to visit the area. Walk about 10 km on the north road and enter the alpine lake and the harbor plain enter the subway.

Inside the lake, there are dried trees of different sizes. Perhaps the reason for the Arvah lake’s presence is the presence of these trees and the reflection of their image in the water, which creates a frightening look.

This area is so beautiful that not only the nature lovers , but also every human being enjoying it. Since this area is virgin and untouched, there is a lot of calm on it, and whatever you hear is the only sound of the spirit of nature. In describing the primacy of it, it is enough that you can come across a variety of wildlife on your path. So be very careful and do not go alone.

About vegetation It should be noted that, like most of these areas, the area is covered with broad massive trees. The offer of the orange rhino team for the best time of visit is the spring and summer seasons.

Another important point is to travel with full facilities. Because the lake is far from the residential area and you will not have access to amenities. Suitable clothes, suitable dressing shoes, poncho, stove, water and food are the requirements of your trip. So, if you go for a birdie, do not forget the tent, sleeping bag and the light instrument (glider and flashlight) and do not camp in areas where wildlife lives.

Finally, if you are traveling with a private car, make sure you use the right car (Offroad).

Author: Sepideh Gholipour

Photographer: Reyhane Zare

Translator: Benyamin Aleahmadi