• 2018/15/15
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 3

Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 3   At the third day of our trip to Balouchestan area,we decided to see the sun rise at the rocky beach, so we went toward the rocky beach at 4:30 a.m., the place where the nature created another wonder to me and my breath was imprisoned in my chest. The sun […]

  • 2018/10/10
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 2

Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 2   At the second day of Baluchestan journey , we had plan to move on the east coast road and we started at the morning. That people they were in this area , they know there is a salty lake during this road and if you are lucky , you can […]

  • 2018/8/08
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 1

Baluchestan Travelogue     It was a long time ago. I don’t remember exactly. It was when I was working as a tour leader. Before coming Norouz, all the leaders discussed who is the Chabahar’s leader and co-Leader. I never understood the reason of discussing. I thought this was a special departure such as Soubatan, […]

  • 2018/1/01
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Farakhin Lake

Farakhin Lake Everything began with an overseas and memorable trip that I met pleasant & lovely guy. That trip becomes best trip of my life which brings smile & delight by looking at those pure moments. My friend lives in Tehran and travels a lot. After that trip, we didn’t get the chance to travel […]

  • 2018/30/30
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Deylaman Travelogue

Our journey started on a shady afternoon in tehran when we decided to hit the road the next morning and spend some days away from city rush. The destination was unknown. We settlesd on Gilan route and the final destination would be a place we feel at ease. We were so exited that we hit […]

  • 2017/13/13
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Tent camping tips and tricks

Tent camping tips and tricks For some people, traveling is an inseparable part of their lives. There are many factors that make an exciting and principled travel, but one of the most important concerns in any travel is the residence. An economical, comfortable Stay, doubles the pleasure of traveling. We can do that by setting […]