• 2018/16/16
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Raghez Canyon Travelogue

Raghez Canyon Travelogue It was in late July 2017 (Mordad 1396 in Shamsi Calendar) that we formed a group of four and set our destination to Raghez Canyon. Small and light backpacks were our companion and we started the trip at Wednesday night from Tehran terminal to Shiraz. None of us knew what was expecting […]

  • 2018/13/13
  • AuthorAmir Zavare

Tabas Travelogue, Part 2

Tabas Travelogue, Part 2 Because we had a heavy schedule on Thursday, we woke up at 6 o’clock and we went out of the house after breakfast. This time, the landlord was a wonderful village Ezmighan and Cal Jenny. We left the city northwest, from and we traveled about 30 km in Boshroye Road till […]

  • 2018/11/11
  • AuthorAmir Zavare

Tabas Travelogue, Part 1

Tabas Travelogue It’s 7:20 pm on Friday and I’m coming back from heavenly beautiful Tabas. An unconscious smile and great satisfaction are the gifts of remembering Tabas memories. On Saturday I was so sad when the journey was cancelled after one week planning and I would never think that we would travel to the land […]

  • 2018/9/09
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

Hormoz Travelogue

Hormoz Travelogue South of Iran and Persian Gulf islands are some of the most attractive destinations in Iran. Its specific nature and good climate are tempting part of this trip. Especially if you travel there by bike! And here is our Travelogue about Hormoz. On Tuesday, after coordinating with cycling team, we decided to leave […]

  • 2018/7/07
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh

The Climate of Iran

The climate of Iran When we speak about climate, the first word that comes to our minds is weather. But what is the climate exactly? Why should we pay attention to the destination climate? How we could better our trip by knowing the type of our destination climate? Climate and meteorological have significant differences. Meteorology […]

  • 2018/6/06
  • AuthorNima Moslemzadeh


Chamomile   The most enjoyable parts of the trip in nature and mountaineering is drinking a variety of hot drinks that is made with fresh plants of that area. Have you ever noticed while walking in nature how many kinds of different plants and flowers exist to attract our attention!? But we usually have no idea […]