Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 2

  • 2018/10/10
  • نوشته توسط Nima Moslemzadeh
Baluchestan Travelogue

Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 2


Baluchestan Travelogue

At the second day of Baluchestan journey , we had plan to move on the east coast road and we
started at the morning.
That people they were in this area , they know there is a salty lake during this road and if you are
lucky , you can see the enjoyable pink saline lake and we were so lucky for see it.

Baluchestan Travelogue
Rubicund lagoon

We went to the coast road after lots of photography ,Always i was hankerd about Baluchestan
,when i saw the Oman sea and miniature mountains on the side of coast road ,and know we are

Baluchestan Travelogue
Coast road

spend alot of time on this road , and breathing pretty deeply ، appreciate and save this feeling ،that
is useful for our difficult time.
anyway , Saying “Kholase” have a long story. when i was child, my mother’s uncle tell story and
between the story said Kholase more times. because of that we called him “Amoo Kholase”.
We continue the route and then we arrived at mars,
Yes; hell to mars
The mars mountains or miniature mountains of Baluchestan it was so frightening then with our
luck , the dust was spread out on this area and this were the reason for make a good scene.
Do you want to see the mars mountains?

Baluchestan Travelogue
Mars mountains

Baluchestan Travelogue
Beautiful’s of Mars mountains hadn’t been finished .when we continued the trip ,we loved the
Mars more and more than before.
The next destination was rock beach on the Bris village , the most salary of the Bris village people
, it is fish hunting , then look at this much boat on the 70 heights is possible ,all of the boat kept in

Baluchestan Travelogue
Rock beach of Bris Village

Baluchestan Travelogue
We were agreement to going in Pesa Bandar and have dinner on the Lenj (the wood ship) .
Always i had this dream to go in sea with fish Hunter and do that , I couldn’t do that untill now but
is possible.we bought the fresh fish then we saute that and this is the picture our dinner table.

Baluchestan Travelogue
Pesa bandar

Baluchestan Travelogue
The wind was strong and it was like sandstorm , we decided to came back to Chabahr for enjoying
the sunset at this route and beacuse we hadn’t enough time we should running with full of power
to that place for seeing the sunset.
This is the result of photography

Baluchestan Travelogue
Sunset on the Chabahar route

We refreshed the power then we went on the car to going to Chabahar and hanging around for
night food

Baluchestan Travelogue
Going to Chabahar

We returned to Chabahar for search Baluchi food.
most of the Baluchi food are spicy and before travelling to the Chabahar , always i heard about
their yummy food ، we went to a Baluchi restaurant and we ordered some food ,but because we
were in hurry ,we didn’t took any pictures.

To be Continue …


Author and photographer: Mostafa Esmaeili

Translator: Abolfazl Sabouri



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