Baluchestan Travelogue, Part 1

  • 2018/8/08
  • نوشته توسط Nima Moslemzadeh
Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue

Baluchestan Travelogue


Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue


It was a long time ago. I don’t remember exactly. It was when I was working as a tour leader. Before coming Norouz, all the leaders discussed who is the Chabahar’s leader and co-Leader. I never understood the reason of discussing. I thought this was a special departure such as Soubatan, Masal and Mazichal.
In those days, Baluchistan was far from my chance. Finally, my chance shone on Norouz of this year. I was traveling from Boushehr to Bandar-e-Abbas on foot with my backpack. When I was coming back, I felt that my journey is incomplete. Finally, I made my decision, traveling to the south of Iran from Gwadar Bay to Bandar-e-Abbas.
It was really hard for me and my friends for the first time cause of its way and it’s a bit odd for backpacking. Eventually we dropped ourselves on the Baluchistan’s way by airplane. Our plan was crystal clear, going to east to west of Chabahar. When we arrived to chahbahar airport, with one of the local Leader went to Darak. In Persian language Darak means Hell. The first sunset of Chabahar was a shining and unforgettable experience. At sunset time, one of friends always said “in sunset haze, the best time of dying come near you.”


Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue

When I got in the car, I saw Four cool guys and I found out more good news are waiting on the road. Both of our fellow travelers were a German boy and girl, he just did 2 works, eating and sleeping. I asked her “why did you come Baluchistan?” She said “they say, there is dangerous and don’t go, and I come.” When we received to Tang (a village near Darak) camped near the beach for watching plankton on the night. The low camera resolution didn’t let me take a nice photo and you can see the result in this picture.




We spent the night by taking photos and making grilled fish. The taste of fish is unforgettable. We moved towards the sea and desert and watching them in one frame by rising sun and greeting morning. It’s fabulous, a lovely place. After watching this magical view, went to toward the desert by boat, sky was full of beautiful birds. Finally, I hope, going to this attractive place be one of your aims. This is the first part of our travelogue.


Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue Sistan and Baluchestan travelogue


To be continue …


Author and photographer: Mostafa Esmaeili

Translator: Shahin Ghamgosar


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